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Instrument Accessories

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Pointer Puller Removal Kit

Pointer Pullers are specialist tools designed to safely and quickly remove the pointer from any standard pressure, vacuum or temperature...

Adaptors & Gauge Bushes

Gauge adapters available in BSP, NPT and BSPT with various sizes. This can be reducing or increasing instrument thread sizes to...

Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers are designed to protect the pressure instrument from high process temperatures. This compact design uses cooling fins to disperse...

Electrical Contacts

Electrical Contact Switches for pressure gauges switch depending on the direction of movement. This will open or close electrical circuits at...

Gauge Cocks

Gauge Cocks provide an economical and simple way to shut off the flow to a pressure instrument. Thereby, allowing the instrument...

Ring & 'U' Syphons

Our range of ‘Ring’ and ‘U’ type Syphons have been developed for use in the protection of pressure gauges. A syphon...

Instrument Snubbers

Pressure gauge snubbers are designed to suppress the effect of pressure pulses and spikes. These considerably increase the service life and...

Max Drag & Indicating Pointer

Max drag pointer, also know as tell tale pointer as design to record the max reading of the process. The...

Over Range Protectors (ORP)

Over Range Protectors are used to prevent a gauge from being over pressured and damaged. These can be pre-set or set...

Rubber Shroud/Boot

Protective rubber gauge shrouds provide an economical and simple way to protect your instrument. Ideal if the gauge is being used...

Sealing Washers

Various sealing washers to suit all types of parallel thread connections.

Pressure gauge accessories can be things like sealing washers to make installation safe. Gauge syphons for shedding heat to avoid damaging the instrument and protecting the operator. Adaptors to jump up and down thread sizes and types to make installations correct, easy and safe.

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About S.M. Gauge Co Ltd Vacuum Gauges

We supply, repair and calibrate standard Vacuum Gauges and Absolute Pressure Gauges. All of our gauges can be custom made to suit your application, our dials can be scaled to suit any measuring units you require using our state of the art dialling system. The connections can also be machined to suit your exact specification.

There are two main types of vacuum gauges available: Vacuum Gauges are available in a variety of sizes, from 40mm diameter to 300mm and with a bottom or rear entry connection. They are used primary on applications that run at an operating pressure of between 0 (atmospheric pressure) and -30″Hg (inches mercury) Absolute Gauges are used to measure beyond the pressures of a standard Vacuum Gauge, they are supplied with a 100mm diameter face and are available in a variety of pressures.

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