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Pressure Gauges

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Industrial Gauges

For use with oil, water or any other liquid which will not attack brass or bronze, also suitable for air...

Liquid Filled Gauges

Heavy duty stainless steel case suitable for adverse service conditions where pulsation or vibration exists. For use with oil, water or...

General Purpose Gauges

Suitable for gaseous and liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system or attack copper alloy parts. (excluding Oxygen...

Stainless Steel Gauge

Heavy duty, all stainless steel construction process pressure gauge. Suitable for almost all measuring mediums and operating conditions, also safe...

Safety Pattern Gauge

These gauges are generally used within the gas industry are are designed with operator safety in mind. In case of...

Low Range Capsule Gauge - Brass

Capsule gauges are suitable for indication of low pressures below 0.6 bar, to be used only on dry air or...

High Range Gauges

Specifically designed for high pressure applications such as water jet cutting, high pressure cleaning. Build in resistance to spikes, shock...

Large Face Boiler Gauges

This type of gauge is commonly seen on boilers or where access is difficult. The large dial size can make this...

Regulator Gauge

Regulator gauges are designed to be used with, pressure regulators, gas bottles and high pressure gases. Oxygen and Acetylene options...

Duplex Gauge

Duplex gauges are designed with two independent pressure measuring systems built into one analogue display. These are often used to...

Electrical Contact Gauge

Electrical contact gauges are designed to open or close electrical circuits at the set limit values. The gauge has a...

Output Signal Gauge

Output signal gauges have a local indication, and at the same time, a signal transmission to the central control. The...

Phenolic Case Gauge

Designed to be used in the process industry, with a robust design geared up for applications in the chemical industry....

Combined Pressure & Temperature Gauge

A combined pressure and temperature gauge is specifically designed for the UK’s heating, ventilation, mechanical and air conditioning markets.

HVAC Gauge

HVAC is a commercial economical gauge designed for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry.

Sprinkler Gauge

Slim case sprinkler gauges are designed for use in fire sprinkler market, accuracy class 1.6 as standard. These pressure gauges...

High Purity VCR Gauge

This high purity gauge is manufactured for gas and liquids. Predominately seen in the semiconductor, gas distribution and medical gas...

Miniature Gauge

Miniature pressure gauges are manufactured for many different applications. Such as, fire extinguishers, breathing apparatus and portable gas cylinders. Often...

Monel Gauge

The Monel gauge has been specifically designed to be used with aggressive process mediums that will attack 316 stainless steel....

Refrigeration Gauge

Refrigeration gauges are for measuring vapour pressures and temperatures in refrigeration engineering. They have combined scales showing pressures, temperatures and...

Vacuum Gauges

Vacuum gauges are primary on applications that run at an operating pressure of between 0 (atmospheric pressure) and -30″Hg (inches...

S.M. Gauge supply a range of Pressure Gauges, widely used across many industries and suitable for taking readings in oil, water and gases. Below is a selection of many different types we can offer. Please click through to see the oil, water or gaseous suitability of each gauge. In addition to our range of standard ‘off the shelf’ instruments we can also supply to your required specification including non-standard connections and even customised dials featuring your company logo.

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About S.M. Gauge Co Ltd Vacuum Gauges

We supply, repair and calibrate standard Vacuum Gauges and Absolute Pressure Gauges. All of our gauges can be custom made to suit your application, our dials can be scaled to suit any measuring units you require using our state of the art dialling system. The connections can also be machined to suit your exact specification.

There are two main types of vacuum gauges available: Vacuum Gauges are available in a variety of sizes, from 40mm diameter to 300mm and with a bottom or rear entry connection. They are used primary on applications that run at an operating pressure of between 0 (atmospheric pressure) and -30″Hg (inches mercury) Absolute Gauges are used to measure beyond the pressures of a standard Vacuum Gauge, they are supplied with a 100mm diameter face and are available in a variety of pressures.

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